Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre had the biggest moment of his professional wrestling career when he defeated Brock Lesnar to capture the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36.

However, The Scottish Psychopath has revealed that made slight changes in his diet and fitness plan for his WrestleMania showdown with the Beast Incarnate.

During a recent interview with GQ UK, Drew McIntyre explained that he ate as much as possible ahead of his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. McIntyre’s rationale was that he wanted to maintain as much size and energy, similar to his opponent Brock Lesnar:

“I eat as much as possible, and Brock Lesnar is much the same, to maintain the size and energy. I work with a meal prep company who’ll send me meals every week and that’s how I supplement my diet because my metabolism is so high. If I don’t eat enough I drop weight like crazy. I want to look big and intimidating rather than like a body builder: I’ve got to be functional, especially when wrestling someone like Brock Lesnar, who is just an absolute giant freak of nature. He’s big and fast and strong, everything you could possibly think of. He’s a proven WWE champion and two times UFC champion – he’s the baddest of the bad. I want to be as big as possible but maintain my speed and be known as the bigger, more athletic guy. The only person who could take down Brock Lesnar.”

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre reveals his diet and fitness secrets

Continuing to discuss his fitness regime as WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre revealed that he doesn’t usually change anything in his diet or fitness plan in the run up to major pay-per-view events.

McIntyre revealed that his philosophy is to look good all year round:

“When it comes to diet and fitness I don’t change anything in the run up to a big pay-per-view event, I get why people turn it up before WrestleMania because they want to look good – and people will always remember how you looked – but I’m not a big fan of that. I’m not really good at it either. My philosophy is to look good all year round, rather than look decent and then look really good for WrestleMania.”

This Sunday, Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton in an Ambulance Match at WWE Clash of Champions: Gold Rush.

Published 26 Sep 2020, 02:47 IST