In a show full of exotic animals and potential murders, the most surprising thing to emerge from the new episode of Tiger King? The stunning transformation of John Finlay, Joe Exotic’s ex-husband. On Sunday, Joel McHale hosted a reunion show, following up with several key characters from the hit Netflix docuseries.

G.W. Zoo employee Saff addressed being misgendered in the series. Jeff and Lauren Lowe gave an update on their relationship. Carole Baskin and Doc Antle skipped the episode after voicing negative reactions to the series. But one of the buzziest moments from the after show, The Tiger King and I, was Finlay’s appearance. He debuted a beard and new set of teeth in the episode, and even wore a shirt (!!). (Fans will remember Finlay gave all of his interviews during Tiger King topless.)

At one point, McHale remarked, “You look like a character out of a mythical Western. I love it.” He wasn’t the only one to take notice of Finlay’s makeover. One Twitter user wrote, “why is no one talking about john finlay’s [sic] transformation?!,” along with a side-by-side of Finlay’s old look with his new appearance. The internet does, in fact, have thoughts on Finlay’s new look, declaring it a post-breakup “glow up” now that he’s six years sober from meth and engaged to a new woman.

Below, the best reactions to Finlay’s surprising reunion look.